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Issues of Law №2 2013г.

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Konstitution, state and sociiety

Lebedev V. A.

Improving of mechanism to exercise of the right of legislative initiative by the legislative bodies (representative agencies) of state power of constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Kuzmin A. G.

Modernization of the judicial system of the Russian Federation in the context of formation of the judicial constitutionalism

Salomatkin A. S.

Legal regulation of status of public positions in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Kireev V. V.

The risk category in Russian constitutional and legal risks science

Lebedevа N. V.

Competence of legislative (representative) agencies of state power of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Okulich I. P.

Koneva N. S.

The political culture of public-power entities in the Russian Federation and the political culture of the society: issues of interference

Sotnikovа L. V.

Volume and content of the notion of Apartment in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and current legislation

Smorodina O. S.

The problems of constitutional concepts in law-making and law-enforcement practice

Vinnikov A. Yu.

The importance of Declaration of the rights and liberties of man and of the citizen of 1991 in development of foundations of human and civil legal status in the Russian Federation

Theory of state and law

Leukhina E. E.

The Genesis of The State power Supervision

Antonchik I. Yu.

Land property rights: historical and legal research

Administrative law

Minbaleev A. V.

Kuldybaeva I. U.

The assurance of legally significant electronic document flow in the delivery of public services through information and communication technologies

Kuldybaeva I. U.

The legal nature of public services

Millerov E. V.

To the question on efficiency of some ethical legal grounds for dismissal from service in customs authorities

Kaftannikova V. M.

Problems of personal data legal regulation in state information systems

Polyakova S. V.

Traffic safety: origins, history and reality

Shumova Yu. V.

The problem of formation of an accessible environment in the establishments of science and education

Civil law

Ivnevа E. V.

Lebedevа N. V.

Theoretical approaches to the notion of acts of use the rights

Criminal legal doctrine

Belosludtsev V. I.

Problems of achieving the objectivesof correctional rehabilitation of offenders by means of criminal punishment

Sapozhnikova S. I.

Sex crimes committed by persons responsible for the upbringing of minors

Garbatovich D. A.

Some problematic aspects of the criminal legal norm on physical or mental coercion (Article 40 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation)

Darovskih S. M. Lisitskaya E. V.

Addition to the question on the order of criminal cases proceeding in the Appeal Court

Zuev S. V.

Legal and organizing security preliminary investigation in system of the federal bailiffs service

Bragin I. A.

Illegitimacy of property as a criminogenic factor of the Russian economic system

Ahmetkali G. V.

To the origins of the idea of legal state and securing it to the republic of Kazakhstan

Issues and opinions

Kondratyev S. M.

On the concept of legal liability in science of law


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