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To the question on efficiency of some ethical legal grounds for dismisal from service in customs authorities


Milerov Evgeny Vladimirovich, senior lecturer of the Department of Administrative and Customs Law of Rostov branch of SEI HPE «Russian Customs Academy», Candidate of Science (Law). Bld. 20, prospect Budennovsky, Rostovon Don, 344002. E-mail:


Administrative law





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356.13:355.291 + 343.37:356.13.08

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Х401.143.1 + Х405.112.4 + Х401.02


The article deals with ethical legal grounds for dismissal from service in the customs authorities, connected with commitment of crime during service by the officials. Provisions of the current legislation regulating the grounds for dismissal of employees of the customs authorities in connection with specified circumstances are analyzed and compared to the grounds of dismissal from public service in other federal enforcement authorities. The conclusions on gaps in legislation regulating public service in customs authorities, in particular the absence of such basis for dismissal from customs authorities due to the regulation on termination of criminal prosecution based on nonexonerative grounds, concerning the employee who have committed a crime, are made; different ways to overcome this gap are given.


public service, customs authorities, ethical legal aspects of service, grounds for dismissal, decision of court, termination of criminal case, peculiar features of dismissal from service in customs authorities due to ethical legal grounds, methods of optimization.

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