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Legal regulation of status of public positions in the constituent entities of the Rusian Federation


Salomatkin Aleksandr Sergeevich, assistant of Legal Department of Central Office of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, member of Federation Council in Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Science (Law), professor. E-mail:


Konstitution state and society





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342.98(470) + 340.131(470)

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Х400.6 + Х400.12(2) + Х401.02(2)


Legislation of the Russian Federation doesn’t completely regulate the issues connected with the filling of public positions in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation; there are no definite guarantees for the persons who fill public positions. Legislative and regulatory compliance practice of the questions dealing with legislative regulation of guarantees for activity of deputies of legislative (representative) agencies of state power of the entities of the Russian Federation, which perform it on professional level, is very controversial. The article is addressed to the law-maker who regulates the problems of filling public positions of the entities of the Russian Federation and maintains guarantees. They are obliged to observe the corresponding regulations of legislation of the Russian Federation.


status, public positions in the entities of the Russian Federation, deputy, social guarantees, legal regulation, decisions of Constitutional Court.

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