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The volume of the article should not exceed 40 thousand characters, including spaces, and should not be less than 6 pages. The article is typed in the Microsoft Word text editor in *.rtf format in Times New Roman font, 14 points in size, in one and a half intervals. Red line indent: in the text - 1.25 cm, in the notes (endnotes) indents and protrusions of lines are not put. The exact number of characters can be determined through the menu of the Microsoft Word text editor (Tools - Statistics - Consider all footnotes).

Page numbers are not inserted, headers and footers are not used. Page settings: right margin - 2 cm, left - 2 cm, top - 2 cm, bottom - 2 cm. Paragraph alignment - in width. The indent of the first line of a paragraph is 1.25 cm. Automatic word wrap should be enabled.

At the beginning of the article are placed: UDC, initials and surname of the author (authors), title of the article, abstract in Russian with a volume of at least 500 characters or 10 lines, below a separate line - keywords. Key words are given in the nominative case in the amount of 5-7 words. The initials and surname of the author (authors) are duplicated by transliteration. The title of the article, abstract, keywords should be translated into English.

Required to fill in: At the end of the article (in one file) information about the author (authors) is placed in Russian - full name, patronymic, surname, then academic degree, academic title, position, department, university (or organization in which the author works ); the work address of the university or organization (full - including the name of the city and country - address information along with the postal code, indicate the correct full name of the organization, preferably its officially accepted English version), e-mail address of the author. This author data must be translated into English.

At the end of the article, before the data about the author, there should be the inscription “The article is published for the first time”, the date is put and the signature of the author (authors) with a fountain pen. When sending an article by e-mail, the author's signature is scanned in black and white, saved in *.tif or *.jpg format and inserted into the document. (Or the last page of the article with the signature is scanned and sent by e-mail as a separate file).

Literature cited in the article is given as a list at the end of the text. In the text in square brackets there is a reference to the serial number of the list (GOST P 7.0.5.-2008.). The list of references is compiled in the order of citation in the work, all indicated sources are numbered. Links to all sources cited must be present in the text of the article. In references, source numbers are separated by a non-breaking space (Ctrl + Shift + Space). When indicating a continuous series of sources, a dash is placed between the first and last, for example, [12, 15], [9–16, 18, 20–29].

Additionally, the list of references is drawn up in Latin - under the heading "References". To do this, you must use in the BGN system (Formatting rules are given below).

Author's notes (not being used literature or a reference to the source) are placed in footnotes, indicating in the text of the article the reference by an ordinal superscript number (Format - Font - Superscript) (for example, 1). A comma, semicolon, colon, and period are placed after the footnote sign to show that the footnote refers to a word or group of words, for example: on the claim of the owner1. A question mark, an exclamation point, an ellipsis and quotation marks are placed before the footnote sign to show that the footnote refers to the entire sentence, for example: ... all these provisions are enshrined in the Federal Law "On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection"1. The article is sent to the editorial office of the journal qualitatively by e-mail in one file (the file name is the author's surname). E-mail subject: Problems of law.

The submitted article must be proofread by the author; eliminated all grammatical, punctuation, syntax errors, inaccuracies; all legal and scientific terms are verified. For errors and inaccuracies of a scientific and factual nature, the author (authors) of the article is responsible.

Materials received by the editorial office are non-refundable.




Materials for publication should be sent to e-mail: urvest@mail.ruto the editors of the "Problems of Law" journal Or by mail to the address: Russia, 454080, Chelyabinsk, pr. im. Lenina, d. 76, SUSU, Publishing Center.