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The article should not exceed 40 000 characters including whitespaces and may not be less than 5 pages. The article should be composed in Microsoft Word in *.rtf format using Times New Roman font, size 14, 1.5 line spacing. Indents: 10 mm (in text), no indents and hanging indents in endnotes. To calculate the characters, use Microsoft Word menu (Tools — Statistics — Include footnotes and endnotes).

Document parameters: 20 mm top margin and bottom margin, 15 mm right margin, 30 mm left margin.

Please state the following in the beginning of the article: initials and last name of the author (authors), the title of the article, annotation in Russian (not less than 700 characters or 10 lines), and the keywords on the next line. The number of keywords should not exceed 10. The initials and the last name of the author (authors) should also be transliterated. The title of the article should be translated into English.

 Please include the phrase “The article is published for the first time”, date and signature of the author (authors) in the end of the article. If you send the article via email, please scan the signature in black and white mode, save it in *.tiff or *.jpg and insert it into the document after the endnotes.

Required information: Information about the author (authors) in Russian at the end of the article (in the same file) — first name, patronymic, last name, academic degree, academic rank, post, department, university (or organization where the author is employed); address of the university or the organization (full address, including city and country, postcode/ ZIP code, full name of the organization including its official English version), email, and phone.

Bibliography. References

The cited literature is listed as a single list at the end of the article, including the reference as a superscript number (Format— Font— Superscript) (for example, 1) in the text of the article. Comma, semicolon, colon and full point are put after the endnote character to show that the endnote refers to a word or a block of words. Example: at the suit of the owner1. Question marks, exclamation marks, ellipsis and quotation marks are put before the endnote character to show that the endnote refers to the whole phrase. Example: …these conditions are formalized in the Federal law "On Veterans"1.  

The sources are listed in the same order as mentioned in the article.

Please use GOST Р 7.0.5-2008 "System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing". Reference. General requirements and compilation rules” (Full text of ГОСТ Р see at the Federal Agency on Technical Regulation and Metrology official web page).

In case of indirect quotation add “See:” at the beginning of the note.


The examples of reference style are listed below.


а) for monographs:

1 Belova M. S., Kinsburskaya V. А., Yalbulganova А. А. Tax Control and Responsibility: Analysis of regulations, administrative and judicial practice / edited by А. А. Yalbulganova.— М. : Znaniye, 2008.— p. 12.

b) for articles from collected works:

1 Klishina М. А. New Features in Budget Project Planning // Financial Law of Russia: Topical Issues/ edited by А. А. Yalbulganova.— М., 2007.— p. 101.

c) for articles from journals and continued editions:

1 Glushko Е. К. Administrative and Legal Nature of Public Corporations // Reforms and Law.— 2008.— № 3.— p. 38—43.

d) for summaries of theses:

1 Strizhova О. А. Legal Regulation of Customs Value: Summary of Cand. Sc. (Law) thesis. — М., 2008.— p. 7.

e) Web pages:

1 Corruption Resistance // Juridical Russia: Federal Law Portal. URL: (retrieval date: 08.01.2009).


Please submit the article via email in a single file (file should be named by the author's last name). Subject of the email: “Issues of Law”.

The article should be proofread by the author. Please remove all grammar, punctuation and syntax errors and inaccuracies; re-check all legal and scientific terms. The responsibility for the scientific and factual errors is taken by the author (authors) of the article.

The articles submitted to the editors office will not be returned.




Please send the materials to be published to our e-mail: urvest@mail.ruto the editors office of the "Issues of Law" journal or via regular post to the following address: 454080 Russia 76 Lenina pr.,  76, Publishing House.