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Problems of achieving the objectives of correctional rehabilitation of offenders by means of criminal punishment


Belosludtsev Vladimir Ivanovich, Doctor of Science (Pedagogy), professor, Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education, Honored Jurist of Moscow region, Honorary Member of Science and Engineering of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Law of the Institute of Commerce, Management and Innovative Technologies of Federal State State-Financed Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Plekhanov Russian University of Economics”.


Criminal legal doctrine





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343.8.03 + 343.24/.29

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Х409.01 + Х408.02


The article deals with factual problems of achieving one of the objectives of criminal punishment stated in the criminal and penal law of the Russian Federation, that is the purpose of correctional rehabilitation of offenders by means of education work, socially useful labour, general education and professional training of offenders as well as established order of execution and enduing criminal punishment, social influence on the person deprived of freedom in the places of deprivation of freedom. The author gives definition to the notion of correctional rehabilitation of offenders, factors effecting the process of correction of offenders in the places of deprivation of freedom are considered; some suggestions of rational use of free time, subdivision of the parties of offenders in correctional institutions are given; some questions on reduction of the limit of term of deprivation and expansion of grounds for early release that are contribute to the formation of positive aspects for offenders are proved.


criminal punishment, objectives of punishment, correctional rehabilitation of offenders, social justice, penal institutions.

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