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Having submitted the article for publication, the author therefore agrees to publish the full text of the article at the official website of the journal, and in the "Issues of Law" journal.

The articles can be submitted both in English and Russian.

The articles should not contain any grammar and/or other errors. The articles should correspond with the subject of the journal and with the requirements of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles for specialized publication.

The articles should be original and may not be published earlier in other print media.

All information should be conducted on an open basis. Any "restricted" marks will serve as a ground for the publication to be dismissed.


To publish your article, please send the following documents to the editors office (or submit in person):

1) manuscript (printed copy) of the article signed by all authors on the last page. The manuscript should contain full information about the authors;

2) application letter from the organization where the work has been conducted (or author's letter);

3) If the article has been reviewed and affixed with the seal, the original article should be submitted to the editors office with scanned copy sent via email, with contact information of the reviewer attached to the email.

4) CD with a with the scanned copy of the review and with a digital copy of the article, which should be identical to the printed copy.


Please submit your articles to

1) Digital copy of the article with full information about the authors. Please state the author's name in the filename.

2) Scanned copy of the review with contact information of the reviewer (if any). File should be named "Review".

The articles submitted to the editors office are reviewed within 1 month.

1.   The editors office has the right to send the article for additional review.

2.   The editors office and the editorial board have the right to perform scientific and literary editing of the submitted materials, to cut the articles with the approval of the author, or to return the article to the author for further editing if the topic of the article is of interest to the journal.

3.   The editors office reserves the right to dismiss the article that does not satisfy the requirements or does not correspond to the subject of the journal.

In case of dismissal, the editors office provides the grounded finding to the author.

If the article does not have a review attached, the review is performed by the members of the editorial board or other leading law specialists. The review fee is 1500 rubles per review.

The article is published if a positive review has been received. The reviewer can also recommend the article for publication after a follow-up revision with regard to the reviewer's comments. In case of negative review, a grounded dismissal is sent to the author via email.

We do not return neither manuscripts nor CDs, and we do not send the proofread versions and printed copies of the articles to the authors.

The editors office provides a copy of the journal with the published article to the author.


The journal is published as far as current issue is completed, but not less than 4 times a year.

The publication fee is 1000 rubles per page.


If you have any questions regarding the publication, call (351) 267-97-01 or  8-904-93-99999.