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The importance of Declaration of the rights and liberties of man and of the citizen of 1991 in development of foundations of human and civil legal status in the Rusian Federation


Vinikov Andrey Yurievich, postgraduate student of the Department of Constitutional and municipal law of the Faculty of Law of Chelyabinsk State University. 454000, Chelyabinsk, Bratiev Kashirinikh St., 129. E-mail:


Konstitution state and society





index UDC

342.7(470) + 34(470) «1991»

index LBC

Х400.3(2) + Х3(2)63


The article considers the provisions of Declaration of the rights and liberties of man and of the citizen in terms of regulation of individual’s constitutional status. The author analyzes legal rules of Declaration which constitute principles of human’s constitutional status, foundations of citizenship, constitutional rights and freedoms, guarantees of their realization, and reveals its importance as constitutional legal act which appears starting point of new vision of interrelations between human and state in time of fundamental changes of existing public relations and the new ones.


declaration, human and civil rights and liberties, foundations of legal status, constitutional status, constitutional act, principles, citizenship, humanism, equality, naturalness and inalienability of rights, guarantees, personal, political, social and economic, cultural rights, human rights commissioner, ombudsman.

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