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Issues of Law №3 2014г.

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Constitution, state and sociiety

Lebedev V. A.

Constitutional and Legal Groundsof the Establishment and Development of Legislationon Human Rights and Freedoms in Constituent Units of the Russian Federation

Kireev V. V.,

Shipachev B. M.

Constitutional development of modern Russia: values and risks

Kruss V. I.

Kuzmin A. G.

Notion, fundamental prerequisites, and factors of constitutionalization of the Russian judicial system

Titova E. V.

On certain problems of constitutional perception of economic processes

Zherebtsova E. E.

The Complaint of the Ombudsman for Human Rights in the Russian Federation as a Reason for Consideration of a Case as Part of the Constitutional Legal Proceedings

Alfimtsev V. N.

Conceptual and Terminological Interpretation as a Resource of Conceptual Development of Constitutional and Legal Models of Counteractionto Ethnic Contradictions

Evstifeev D. M.

To the Question of the Essence and Relevance of the Method of Constitutional and Legal Regulation of Social Relations

Prokhorov V. N.

Dethronement in connection with the loss of confidence of the president as a measure of constitutional responsibility of the chief executive worker of a constituent subject of the Russian Federation

Administrative law

Mayorov V. I.

On improvement of public service quality in the Russian Federation

Galimova L. N.

Conflict of Interests on State Civil and Municipal Service: Problematic Aspects and it’s Solutions

Kondratyev S. M.

Liability of servicemen with in military law in Germany

Sabodash A. N.

Administrative and Legal Regulation of Relations in the Sphere of Employment of Veterans of Military Actions

Shersneva E. Yu.

Peculiarities of Implementation of Power of Public Prosecutors in the Process of Supervision over the Execution of Laws on Protection and Security of Forests

Civil law

Bolychevskaia E. S.

Problems of Differentiation of Natural Obligations from Similar Legal Concepts

Goltyapina I. Yu.

System of Information Legislation: Issues of Theory

Demidova G. S.

Certain peculiarities of insurance agreement

Kudinov V. V.

Legal Regulation of Activity of Bodies of Local Administration in the Sphere of Security and Defense of the State Border of the Russian Federation

Kudinov V. V.

Establishment of the System of Combined Security of the State Border in the Light of the Implementation of the Border Policy of the Russian Federation

Martynov A. V.

Legal regulation and procedure of the implementation of the state energy supervision in the Russian Federation

Makhinya E. A.

The Concept and Importance of the Principle in Civil Law and Legislation

Polich S. B.

To the question of correlation of certain principles of civil law and civil procedural law

Popov V. A.,

Ilyasov V. R.

To the Question of Interconnection of Administrative and Legal Status of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation and Procedure of Consideration of Disputes Relatedto the Rights of Citizens Pension Support

Criminal legal doctrine

Mayorov A. V.

Cherepashkin A. S.

Criminological forecasting as a type of scientific forecasting

Millerova E. A.

To the question of criminal and legal assessment under the article 238of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation of the facts of selling goods and rendering of services contradictory to public morality

Leshhenko O. V.

Personality traits of juvenile delinquents in legal awareness building under the conditions of isolation from society

Millerova E. A.

To the question of the efficiency of the editorship of the article 2401 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation «obtainment of sexual services by the minors»

Khoroshilov S. A.

On the State of Intoxication as an Aggravating Circumstance for Criminal Penalty: Disputable Aspects of the Legislative Decision

Chokaeva I. V.

Goals of coercive measures of educational influence

Theory of state and law

Zhdanova О. V.

N. M. Karamzin on systematization of domestic legislation

Civil and Criminal Procedure

Azarenok N. V.

Content of Imposition of Criminal Proceedings

Budanova L. U.

Problems of legal regulation of criminal and procedural interaction of institutions and administrative bodies involved in execution of sentences without isolation of the convict with the courts

Darovskikh S. M.

Legal position of courts, relative tofurther participation of the judge in the criminal proceedings

Ovsiannicov D. V.

Electronic Information Duplexing — Problems of Practice and Normative Regulation in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Trushkin M. A.

Economic Crimes Committed in the Field of Agricultural Production as a Classification Group in the Methodology of Investigation of Crimes

International law

Buslaeva L. M.

The Application of the Principle of a National Treatment in the International Investment Relations


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