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Issues of Law №1 2015г.

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Constitution, state and sociiety

Lebedev V. A.

Judicial Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms of Citizens of the Russian Federation

Bezrukov A. V.

Strengthening of the unity of the system of public authorities in conditions of ensuring law inforcement in Russia

Izhaev O. A.

Legal Nature of Social and Economic Human Rights of the Citizen of the Russian Federation

Kabyshev S. V.

Transparency of Judicial Power in Canada

Kireev V. V.

Reasons and Peculiarities of the Expression of Constitutional Risks in Modern Russia

Kuzmin A. G.

To the Question of Constitutional and Legal Constitutive Category of ‘Economic Dispute’

Malinovsky V. A.

Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan — 20 Years of the Establishing Constitutionalism

Okulich I. P.,

Koneva N. S.

Political Culture and Parliamentary Ethics are Related Items of the Complex Problem of Improving Legislative Institutions in the Russian Federation

Titova E. V.

To the Problem of the Definition of the Category of Good Behaviour in Constitutional Law

Usov G. V.

Constitutional Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Foreign Experience)

Yanvareva L. V.

Forms of Interactionof Representative and Executive and Administrative Bodies of Local Self-Government

Theory of state and law

Gusak V. А.

Structural Changes and State Personnel Policy in Police Agencies in the Pre-War Years  and During the Great Patriotic War

Elsiev A. Kh.

Human rights in transition societies on the example post-communist environment

Civil law

Gritsenko V. V., Shcherbinina N. N.

Electronic Administrative Regulations of Provision of Public Services: Problems of Application and Development Perspectives

Demidova G. S.

Certain Aspects of Legal Regulation of Consumer Crediting

Zubkova T. A.

Civil and Legal Responsibility for Improper Product Quality

Puchkova V. V.

Problems of Professional Liability Insurance of Health Workers

Administrative law

Efimov N. V.

Development, Adoption and Implementation of Administrative Procedural Acts: Problem of Adaptation of Foreign Experience

Konovalov V. A.

Problems of Corruption Control in the System of Public Service as an Obstacle to its Regulation by Administrative and Legal Means

Ravnyushkin A. V.,

Levin P. N.,

Gaidukov A. A.

On Legal and Organization al Aspects of the Activities of Police on Protecting the Rights and Legitimate Interests of Citizens in the Sphere of Family Relations

Sherbakov Y. E.

Legal Nature of Legal Liability on Incorporation in the Register of Unconscientious Information Providers on Parties of Procurement Transactions

Civil and Criminal Procedure

Darovskikh S. M.,

Guskova A. P.

Problems of Ensuring the Rights of Victims of Crimes in the Russian Criminal Proceedings

Makarova Z. V.

The Purpose of Criminal Proceedings is the Truth

Polich S. B.

Limits of Realization of the Principle of Good Faith in Civil Proceedings

Criminal legal doctrine

Zubenko Е. V.,

Lentsov A. B.

Topical Issues of Investigating Failure to Give Assistance to Persons in Mortal Danger Committed by Law Enforcement Bodies in Road Traffic Accidents

Mangutova (Kanteeva) E. V.

Modus Operandi of Willful Evasion from Alimony Payments for Maintenance of Minor Children: Problems of Law Enforcement Practice

Millerov E. V.

Subject Matter of the Prohibition on Transfer of Pornographic Materials over the Customs Border Needs Changes

Nemzorova R. U.

Some aspects of creating organization al and structural support of priorities in the sphere of procurer’s activities

Ovsiannikov D. V.

Electronic Reproduction of Information: Problems of Practice and Statutory Regulation in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Sumsky D. V.

Recharacterization of Offences against the Person in Connection with Changes of the Directives of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation

Fatkulin S. T.

Peculiar Features of the Subject of Ecological Crimes

Tanaeva Z. R.

On the Model of Comprehensive Statistical Study of Juvenile Crimes

Point of view

Makarova Z. V.,

Minbaleev A. V.

Attorney-client privilege and constitutional rights for protection of privacy and for information


Mayorov V. I.

Review for research paper on the topic ‘Administrative and Legal Regulation of Activities of Customs Authorities to Ensure the Economic Security of the Russian Federation’ of Tatiana Sergeevna Alekseyeva under direction of PhD Law, Associate Professor Sergei Borisovich Anikin in Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education ‘Saratov State Academy of Law’


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