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Political Culture and Parliamentary Ethics are Related Items of the Complex Problem of Improving Legislative Institutions in the Rusian Federation


Okulich Ivan Petrovich

Cand Ivan Petrovich. Sc. Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Constitutional Law of Ural State Academy of Law. 21, Komsomolskaya Str., Ekaterinburg, 620137, Russia.


Koneva Natalia Sergeevna

Cand. Sc. Law, Associate professor of the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of So uth Ural State University (National Research University). 76, Lenin Ave., Chelyabinsk, 4540890.



Constitution, state and sociiety





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342.53:17 + 32:316.7

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Professionalization of morality is taking place in modern world. It is often designed to act as a means of regulating and orienting behavior within specific professional activity. Parliamentary ethics, administrative ethics, and ethics of public officials are formed. As part of the modern concept of political ethics scientists consider the correlation of features of democratic structure of the society, political culture, and fundamental ethical values. Issues of parliamentary ethics are equally important in the parliamentary activity. They require consolidation not only in the regulations of the parliament and its chambers but also in a separate law. Authority of legislative institutions depends not only on the competence and skills of deputies but also on moral

and ethical and other human qualities of each deputy. The work of members of parliament at all levels needs to be regulated by the code of ethics. The adoption of this standard document will more effectively control not only the personal behavior of members of parliament but also their interaction with the public in general. Parliamentary Ethics Code is intended to arrange the system of ethical regulation of parliamentary activities and identify moral features and activities common for both members of parliament and society.


political culture; parliamentary ethics; deputy corps; law-making activity; professional activities; ethical and legal responsibilities; code of parliamentary ethics.

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