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Problems of Corruption Control in the System of Public Service as an Obstacle to its Regulation by Administrative and Legal Means


Konovalov Valery Alekseevich

head of the Department of Administrative and Financial Law, Associate Professor, Cand. Sc. Law, Orenburg Institute (branch) of O. E. Kutafin University. (MSAL). 50, Komsomolskaya Str., Orenburg, 460000.



Administrative law





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342.951 : 328.185

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On of the fundamentals of administrative and legal framework for corruption control is civil and administrative responsibility. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation as of February 3, 2007, No. 129 a decision on the establishment of the interdepartmental working group was made in order to prepare proposals for implementation of provisions of Convention of the United Nations in the legislation of the Russian Federation against corruption and the Council of European Convention on criminal liability for corruption. However, the abovementioned Decree ceased to be in force in connection with the publication of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation as of may 19, 2008 No. 815 and the establishment of the Presidential Council for corruption control. Proposals in the legislation prepared by the working group have not been implemented. According to the experts, ‘the analysis of the formation of anti-corruption legislation and the economic legislation for the last 15 years indicates the signs of sabotage of repeatedly expressed will of the highest political leadership of the country at creating the legal framework of the fight against corruption and shadow economy’.


corruption, public service, administrative and legal means, working legislation group, criminal offence of the monitoring.

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