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Issues of Law №2 2015г.

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Constitution, state and sociiety

Lebedev V. A.

Role of International Legal Standards in Formation of National Concept of Human Rights and Freedoms

Alekseev A. N.

Dynamics of Implementation of Constitutional Ideas of Stability and Variability of the Constitution of the Russian Federation at the Turn of 20–21 Centuries

Karasev A. T.,

Elkina A. V.,

Elfimova E. V.

Theoretical Aspects of the Characteristics of the Legal Status of Local Government in the Russian Federation

Krysanov A. V.,

Elfimova E. V.

Certain Aspects of Legal Regulation of the Constitutional Right for Freedom of Assembly and Administrative Responsibility for Violation of the Established Order f Organizing or Carrying out Public Event

Kudinov V. V.

To the Question of Forms of Interaction of Bodies of State Power and Bodies of Local Government in Ensuring Border Security in Russia

Kuteynikov D. L.

Implementation of the Institution of Public Lawmaking Initiative on the Level of Constituent Units of the Russian Federation

Maliushin A. A.

Forms of Performing Law-Making Function of the Constitutional Legislation and Their Place in the Hierarchy of the Sources of the Russian Law

Serous A. V.

Certain Aspects of Improving the System of Parliamentary Procedures in Constituent Units of the Russian Federation

Stepenko V. E.,

Kim A. V.

Legal Fundamentals of Activity of the Territorial Bodies of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Expertise of Normative Legal Acts and Their Projects: Law Enforcement and Solutions

Shigabutdinova A. L.

Notion and Structure of the Legal Status of the Person: Systematic Approachto the Problem

Yanvareva L. V.

Reformation of Local Government in Chelyabinsk City District

Theory of state and law

Shadrin V. М.

Legal Proceedings in the System of Administration and Local Justice of Orenburg Cossack Troops

Civil law

Mitsyk А. V.

Implementation of Legal Capacity of the Citizen be Means of Accomplishment of a Deal: Division of Property of Souses (Extra judicial Procedure)

Administrative law

Anbrecht Т. А.,

Dieser О. А.

Improvement of the State Administration of Social Service in Conditions of Reformation of Socialand Security Legislation

Dorogova E. V.

Administrative Responsibility for Violation of Legislation on Protection of Children from Harmful Information in the Countries of CIS

Mayorov V. I.,

Iziumova E. S.

Functions of Tax Bodies in the Sphere of Administrative and Legal Regulation of Organization of Gambling Activities

Mayorov V. I.,

Lazukov A. S.

Features of state control and supervision in the sphere of advertising activity

Novikov D. O.

Analysis and Practice of Federal Law No. 44-FZ ‘On Participation of Citizens in Protection of Public Order’ as of 02.04.2014

Civil and Criminal Procedure

Alekseev A. A.

Application of preclusive sanctions in russian civil proceedings

Balakshin V. S.

Recognition of Evidence as Inadmissible and its Exclusion from the Process of Proving on the Stage of Preliminary Investigation

Vidergold A. I.

Formation of Judicial Legal Positions of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on Protection of Rights of the Accused in the Appointment of Judicial Expertise

Guskova А. P.

Judicial power and the mechanism of its realization by judicial law

Darovskikh O. I.

Legal Category of Abuse of Right in International Legal Instruments

Darovskikh S. М.

Procedural Aspects of Inadmissibility of Disclosure of Information of Preliminary Investigation

Zuev S. V.

Evidential Significance of the Results of Investigative Activities: Problems of Statutory Regulation and Practice of Law Enforcement

Pindiur I. I.,

Yastrebova T. I.

The Angle of Organization of Investigation Equals Reflection of Its Results

Proshlyakov A. D., Merzlyakova M. V.

Problems of the Appeal from Judgments by Default

Ryzhkov K. S.

Definition of the Interest of Third Parties Not Claiming Their Own Independent Rights Regarding the Subject Matter of the Dispute in Civil Proceedings

Tarasov I. A.

Criminalistic characteristics and certain features of methods of investigation of economic crimes in trade in real estate

Criminal legal doctrine

Andrusenko O. V.

Activities of legislative commissions on systematization of criminal legislation of Russia in 1800–1820’s

Ovchinnikova O. V.

Signs of Corruption-Related Crime as Grounds for a Criminal Case

Tanaeva Z. R.

Statistical Analysis and Foreseeing as the Basis for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

Point of view

Zhguchev P. B.

The Development of social control in the Russian Federation


Gerasimenko Y. V.

Review of the Monograph of P. P. Serkov ‘Constitutional Responsibility in the Russian Federation: Modern Theoryand Practice’


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