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Activities of legislative commisions

on systematization of criminal

legislation of rusia in 1800–1820’s



An drusenk o Olga Vladimirovna, Cand. Sc. Law, Associate Professor,

Head of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law, Ural Financial

Law Institute. Bld.1, Karl Liebknecht Str., 620075, Ekaterinburg. E-mail:



Criminal legal doctrine






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343(09) + 343.21




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The article analyzes the work of commissions for drafting laws in the first

quarter of the XIX century in Russia, studies the issues of formation of systematization

of criminal law in a given period, overviews the reasons for the failure

of all previous activities of commissions for drafting laws, as well as the influence

of foreign law (in particular, French and German) on drafting the Criminal

Code in 1813. The author analyzes the archive materials of different editions

of the Criminal Code of 1813 and shows the steps for creating a draft Criminal

Law of 1813 and the role of Russian legal scholars under the supervision of

M. M. Speransky in this activity.

Keywords: Draft criminal code of 1813, systematization, criminal legislation,

legislative committees, G. Rosenkampf, M. M. Speransky, Department

of State Council, Jacob, Code of criminal laws of 1832.




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