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Issues of Law №5 2013г.

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Constitution, state and sociiety

Lebedev V. A.

Law making powers and authority of the constituent units of the Russian Federation and peculiarities of their development in modern consequences

Kayagin A. B.

Constitution of the Russian Federation in the system of social values

Grechkin N. C.

Constitutional principles of administrative proceeding

Panteleyev V. U.

Security in the system of legitimate interests of a person: the legal nature and mechanisms of ensuring

Administrative law

Gapon J.

Some peculiarities of measures ensuring legal proceedings on administrative violations applied by official bodies of border control subdivisions

Kondratyev S.

Legal nature of the conceptof an official body

Kolchenko A. I.

Key tasks and functions of the bodies of state administration in the sphere of fuel and energy complex

Gritsenko D. V.

Legal regulation of prosecutor’s powers in the area of administrative and jurisdictional activities

Kamalova G. T.

The reformation of the organizational structure of the Soviet militia in the years of NEP (administrative and legal aspects)

Civil law

Yakovlev A.,

Yakovlev P.

Companies and their types in India

Criminal legal doctrine

Bragin I. A.

Criminal and Legal Aspects of Counter Raiding

Tylipanov F. M.

Activities of the law enforcement agencies in the field of environmental control

Mayorov A. V.

On the concept of victim in the contex of substantive and procedural law

Novitskaya N. V.

Puberty as an attribute of a victim in non-violent sex crimes against minors

Ророv I. V.

Ways of improving the system of rules which establish responsibility for crimes against the environment

Ророv I. V.

Problems of distinguishing of crimes against environment and crimes described in Chapter 16 of Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

Menshikova A. G.

Subjective attitude of a person found guilty to extreme atrocity in commission of a crime

Avdeeva L. V.

Monitoring of regional legislation rules containing measures of prevention of animal abuse

Kudryashov A. V.

Vehicle embezzlement and hijacking: certain problems of qualification

Konovalov V. A.

Corruption and its role in destabilization of democratic institutions and moral principles of modern Russian society

Sergeev D. N.

Evolution of Municipal Control in the Sphere of Execution of Punishment under Criminal Law

Civil and Criminal Procedure

Darovskikh S. M.

Correlation of judicial and legal propositions in criminal proceedings with the legal conscience and judge’s belief

Dubrovin O. V.

To the question of the independence of an expert in civil proceedings

Khatmullin K. Y.

The effectiveness of statutory acts which define the procedural periods in criminal proceedings

Tarzimanov V. M.

Tendencies of the development of checking crime reports in Russia

Pindiur I. I.,

Yastrebova T. I.

Crime investigator as a chaser in criminal proceedings

Rusman G. S.,

Bikbaeva E. A.

Basic aims and goals of the investigating activities of investigation teamsin the process of crime investigation, their importance and subject matter

Klepikov D. A.

Certain conditions of the prolongation of the detention term from the viewpoints of the European Court of Human Rights

Zubenko Е. V.,

Lentsov A. B.

On the concept of helplessness in investigation of road transport crimes interconnected with leaving victims in danger

Employment and social law

Hudoikina T. V.,

Boltunov V. V.

Forms of realization of the legal policy of the Russian Federation in the sphere of social protection of the population

Burdzhuev R. F.

mprovement of Immigration Legislation on Control and Supervision of the Implementation of Legal Employment of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Individuals in the Russian Federation

International law

Timoshkov S. G.

Aggression as a crime under international law

Issues and opinions

Bezrodnova K. V.

Certain questions of the categories of honor and dignity in modern science of law

Shvedov I. V.,

Kobzov V. S.

Revolutionary committees in the Urals in the Civil war (historical and legal aspects)


Rusman G. S.

Review of the official opponentto the thesis of M. G. Cherepasov ‘legal interests of the person accused and their realization in legal proceedings in the Russian Federation’


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