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Issues of Law7 2012г.

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Constitution, state and society

Kireev V. V.

On theory of risks in the russian science of constitutоnal law

Kuryatnikov V. V.

Juridical property of finality of constitutional (statutory) courts decisions of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Goltyapina I. Yu.

Problems of the legal provision of security in the Russian Federation

Zamyatin V. V.

On the question of the role of parliamnet of the Russian Federation in realization of preliminary financial budgetary control

Theory of state and law

Krivosheeva M. A.

Protection of orphans and indigent children rights in pre-revolutionary Russii

Civil law

Bumazhnikova O. V.

To the question of thing encumbrance in private law of the Rrussian Federation

Tolstoy R. V.

To the question of family relations legal regulation methods

Buslaeva L. M.

State guarantees as the basisof ensuring investment activity

Lyubavin A. P.,

Sukhov E. V.

On the question of legal regulations cope determination of social relations in the field of construction

Danilova E. S.

Problems of harmonization of the federal and regional housing legislation regulating relations of people in need registration and providing accommodation under the social rent contracts (on the example of legislation of Nizhny Novgorod Region)

Dulatova N. V.

On the features of liability in the housing law

Vasilyev V. V.,

Kaplunov I. A.,

Kolesnikova O. Yu.

To the question on the concept of production secret (know-how) in the civil legislation

Kryukova J. Y.

The concept of subsidiary obligation in civil law of Russia

Ignatova M. S.

Problems of legal regulation of state ownership relations

Trapeznikova A. V

Dispositive capacity of citizens (understanding and clarification of category meaning)

Bumazhnikova O. V.

Problems of encumbrance of the land lots

Law and Economics

Drakhenberg T. V.

Urgent issues of financial legal doctrine in the light of teleological aspects of law

Administrative law

Pestryakova E. A.

Errors of individuals and entities addressing to the administrative authorities, their identification and evaluation

Kravchenko Yu. V.

Disqualification of arbitration manager as a kind of administrative responsibility

Criminal legal doctrine

Mishchenko M. A.

Criminal responsibility for trenchingup on cultural values under the legislation of Ukraine and the Russian Federation: comparatively-legal aspect

Klassen A. N.,

Lalats V. V.

General characteristic of guilt forms in Russian and foreign criminal laws

Garbatovich D. A.

Nature of efficiency of the criminal code of the Russian Federation

Millerov E. V.

Role of administrative preventive measures in counteraction of minors’ involvment into prostitution

Klassen M. A.,

Lalats V. V.

Debating issues of criminal intent in the russian criminal law

Klassen A. N.,

Evdokimova D. N.

Development trends of foreign legislation on criminal responsibility for narcotic drugs illegal trade

Chepko E. A.

Illegal refusal to leave housing as a sign of objective side of crime under article 139 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation

Balugyan A. S.

Problems of preventive measures of slave labour and human trafficking in the XXI century

Ahmetkali G. V.

То issues of countering religious extremism in Kazakhstan

Askarova G. M.

The problems of qualification of tax crimes on the grounds of the subject and the objective aspect of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Bragin I. A.

Organized criminality, corruption, raiding — dialectic of mutual conditionality

Civil and Criminal Procedure

Kiseleva S. E.

System of means of investigator’s investigation and search activity

Akhmatov I. I.

Some suggestions on improving model of criminal procedural relations at the stage of a criminal case initiation

Mayorov A. V.

On victimization mechanism of individual security assurance


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