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Issues of Law №3 2013г.

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Konstitution, state and sociiety

Kireev V. V.

 Law-making matters of constitutional risk in modern Russia

Dubrovin O. V.

Questions of execution of the commission of the President of the Russian Federationon on the improvement of the state land supervision

Demakov R. A.

Planning of governmental legislative drafting activities. Comparative legal aspect

Kireeva E. A.

To the question of the establishment of the theory of unity and interaction of the social regulators of the public relations

Kuznetsov S. P.

Classification of issues of local significance of municipal units

Okulich I. P.

Public authoritative activity: political and legal analysis

Theory of state and law

Shadrin V. M.,

Baigutlin R. I.

Customary law: to the evolution of the concept (historical and legal aspects)

Administrative law

Asadov А. М.

Revisit traditional approaches towards the study of legal influence on social relations

Asadov A. M.,

Drahenberg T. V.

Revisiting the effictiveness of legal regulation: traditions and innovations

Asadov A. M.

Methods of legal influence on social relations: conception rethinking

Gogolev A. M.

State administration as legal category

Glushayeva O. V.

Institute of transport safety: for and against

Famieva K. I.

To the question of the concept of the purchase of goods, works and servicesin the contract system

Iziumova E. S.

Gambling advertising

Civil law

Buslaevа L. M.

Legal regulation of investment climate in Russia

Sherbakov Y. E.

On the prospects of development of the private settlement procedure and civil disputes resolution in the Russian legal system

Criminal legal doctrine

Garbatovich D. A.

Global analysis of law enforcement practice tendencies in sentence imposition depending on the category of crim

Baryshnikov G. S.

On the notion of the subject of counter-terrorist activity

Baryshnikov S. G.,

Baryshnikov G. S.

The phenomenon of terrorism: theoretical and Methodological basis of research

Maiorov A. V.

Constitutional framework of the victimological security

Civil and criminal procedings

Evdokimova O. V.

Specific features of mechanism of procedural evidence

Kalyuzhniy A. N.

Features of planning of criminal investigation of encroachments

Akhmatov I. I.

Concept and features of criminal procedure relationship

International law

Buslaevа L. M.

The role of multilateral international treaties in development of regional international legal regulation of investments

Information law

Chamurov V. I.

Activities of judicial authorities on realization of informational function in the course of reconsideration of judicial acts

Gusenko N. S.

Role of telecommunication systems in modernization of the civil law relations

Issues and opinions

Lebedev V. A.

The formation of the system of legislative and executive power in the Russian Federation


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