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Planning of governmental legislative drafting activities. Comparative legal aspect


Demakov Ruslan Aleksandrovich,

post graduate student of the Institute of Legal System and Comparative Legal Science affiliated to the Government of the Russian Federation. 117218, Russian Federation, Moscow, B. Cheremushkinskaya, 43. E-mail:


Konstitution, state and sociiety





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328.34 + 342.52 + 342.537

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Х401.011.11 + Х022.14


The article is related to the peculiarities of the method of planning in the field of legislative drafting activity in the context of experience of the Russian Federation and a range of foreign countries. The author analyzes the use of planning as a legal institution in the work of public authorities of the developed countries and CIS countries, as well as the norms of the Russian and foreign legal systems which regulate the process of planning of legislative drafting activity for a certain period of time. The article also describes the current legal draft development models comparing to the Russian ones. On the basis of scientific data considered in monograph and periodical papers and the studied foreign experience the author suggests a range of recommendations on making amendments in current legal enactments in order to improve the lawmaking activity of the Government of the Russian Federation by the constructive use of the system of planning of legislative drafting activity.


Government of the Russian Federation; legislative drafting activity; plan of law-making activity; planning period; inventory of the government; legal policy; planning criteria.

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