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Issues of Law №5 2015г.

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Constitution, state and sociiety

Lebedev V. A.

Constitutional and legal bases of the organization of state power in the subjects of the Russian Federation

Karasev A. T.,

Holodilova E. A.

Features of the right of legislative initiative in the implementation of the legislative function authorities of the Russian Federation

Titova E. V.

Constitutional values as the orientation basis lawful conduct of subjects of constitutional and legal relations

Kuryatnikov V. V.

On the question of subsidiarity of the constitutional (constitutional justice) of the Russian Federation

Kudinov V. V.

Privacy and protection of the state border: the problem of definition and constitutional legal regulation (the experience of Russia, States the Eurasian Economic Union and States the Commonwealth of Independent States)

Abdrakhmanov D. V.

Information society object of constitutional and legal regulation: the problem

Okulich I. P.

The ratio of the constitutional and procedural norms in the regulatory activities of the parliament

Kuteynikov D. L.

The institution of popular lawmaking initiative in the history Russia

Izhaev O. A.

The development of the right to worthy human existence in the works of pre-revolutionary thinkers of the social-liberal direction

Theory of state and law

Shkarevsky D. N.

About centralize the management of rail and water transport courts

Adaev I. K.

Princes court decision as a source ancient Russian law

Civil law

Mitsyk А. V.

Personality as a collective term of the civil law

Administrative law

Petrov K. S.

On measures disciplined for violation Russian legislation on state secrets

Petrov K. S.

Antisocial on administrative offences relating to the infringement Russian Federation legislation On State Secrets

Molchanov P. V.

The main directions of state-administrative policy in the field of ensuring road safety

Criminal legal doctrine

Degtyareva O. L.

Implementation of measures of criminal law in the form of deferred serving the sentence drug addicts

Degtyareva O. L.

Implementation of the measures under criminal law in the form of deferred punishment

Grishin D. A.

Issues of criminal doctrine in the expediency of establishing a general rule of exemption from criminal liability for certain economic crimes

Garbatovich D. A.

Qualifications insignificant acts: the concept, the algorithm

Gorbatova M. A.

Another transport vehicle as object of driving away

Belyaeva I. M.,

Nacharkina O. V.

About the grounds and the conditions of extradition

Lomshin A. M.

The investigative situations arising at an initial stage of investigation of the crimes creating obstacles to small and medium business (typical investigative situations)

Schipanova N. I.,

Kukhtina T. V.

The relationship of personal characteristics of prisoners with the social environment

Civil and Criminal Procedure

Darovskikh S. M.

Manifestation of judicial of legal positions in the decisions in criminal cases

Darovskikh O. I.

On the question of legal and organizational measures over coming abuse of rights in criminal proceedings

Belenko I. A.

Key Witness (Germany Witness Protection Law)

Alekseev A. A.

Proceedings simplified views in the russian civil process: current state and prospects

Lobanova S. I.

Problematic aspects of the institute termination of criminal proceedings and prosecution

Parkhomenko E. N.

Start new pretrial proceeding in the Criminal Procedure Code the Republic of Kazakhstan

Employment law

Okulich A. I.

Theoretical and legal analysis of the problem of protecting the individual against age discrimination in the implementation of the right to work


Mayorov V. I.,

Kosenko E. V.

Review of the thesis Darya Ivanovna Elkanovoy “The procedures of administrative supervision in the field of advertising”


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