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Issues of Law №1 2016г.

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Constitution, state and sociiety


Lebedev V. A.

The role of legislatures in ensuring the rule of law in the Russian Federation


Titova E. V.

Constitutional lawful behavior: through the prism of the concepts of legal consciousness


Taeva N. E.

Optionality in the constitutional law of the Russian Federation


Kudinov V. V.

Features of legal regulation of powers and the improvement of interaction of bodies of local self-government in the sphere of protection of state border (constitutional and legal aspect)


Murzanov I. A.

About some aspects of the interaction of trade unions with local authorities


Puchkova V. V.

Features of realization of the constitutional right to choose a medical institution for the citizens living in closed areas


Sukhanova A. A.

Constitutional values of modern Russia: classification and system


Stepenko V. E.

Kim A. V.

Bak E. V.

The powers of the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice of Russia for the conformity assessment of regulatory legal acts of the rules of legal technique


Chuklin A. V.

Problems Classification of additional guarantees of constitutional rights and freedoms of man and citizen established by the subjects of the Russian Federation


Danilova N. V.

Safonova E. A.

The issue of duplication of powers of state environmental supervision and prosecution (in case of protection of environmental human rights)

Theory of state and law


Gerasimova N. P.

Historical and legal analysis of interpretation precepts of law


Adaev I. K.

The role of the Senate in reforming the judicial system in Russia in the middle of XIX century


Levshin P. L.

Shadrin V. M.

The formation mechanism of legal regulation of the border service of the Orenburg Cossack army in the first half of the eighteenth century

Civil law


Polic S. B.

Within the limitations of disabled citizens


Fakhrutdinova A. N.

The problems of the realization of the right to know parents in Russia


Sabitova E. Y.

The establishment of quasianalog —the trend of development of modern tax law

Administrative law


Majorov V. I.

Lipatov E. J.

Ganzin S. V.

Prevention of alcohol-impaired driving: global experience review


Sevryugin V. E.

Polyakova S. V.

About the substance of the administrative jurisdictionalpolice activitiesin the fieldtraffic safety

Civil and Criminal Procedure


Alekseev A. A.

Main directions of development the civil procedural form in domestic law


Velikiy A. A.

Nazarov V. I.

Compliance issues advocate secrecy in the implementation of criminal proceedings


Zankin D. V.

Competition or cooperation and competition and cooperation? Methodology of legal proceedings in cases of fraud upon receipt of payment


Vidiasov E. O.

Optimization tools for the investigation of economic crimes in the sphere of housing and communal services


Podolnyy N. A.

Systemic corruption: problems of definition and control


Sotnikov D. A.

Organization and realization of interaction of the investigator and investigative units at the stageof initiation of criminal proceedings on crimes committed by youth criminal groups motivated by racial and national hatred

Criminal legal doctrine


Belyaeva I. M., Sapozhnikov S. V.

Simple complicity as a form of complicity


Garbatovich D. A.

Exemption from criminal liability for concealment of money or property, the expense of which must be made tax collection and (or) fees


Lomshin A. M.

Criminalistic significant data on the victim (injured) as a result of commission of crimes in the sphere of small and medium business


Kukhtina T. V.

Klassen M. A.

Forms of complicity: theoreticaland practical aspects


Gorbatova M. A.

Features of qualificationof the group rape


Petrov P. K.

Questions of qualification actions of several individuals by careless soprichinenii


Makaseeva A. A.

The protective principle of the operation of criminal law: the comparative legal analysis of the criminal law of the CIS countries


Khalilova V. L.

Substantive and procedural aspects of the exceptional circumstances in the application notes 337, 338 of the criminal code


Lakekhin M. А.

Object crimes against electoral rights and right to participate in referendum: objective legislative problems of its establishment

Concerns and views


Gusak V. A.

Ensure the legality of the sovet militia during the Great Patriotic war (1941—1945) Reviews



Nazarov V. I.

The Review on the textbook of V. I. Mayorov, S. V. Polyakova, R. A. Bazarov «Introductionto jurisprudence»


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