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Misappropriation of vehicle license plates: analysis of the elements of crime and problem of criminalization


HOROSHILOV Sergey Aleksandrovich

candidate of jurisprudence, associate professor of criminal and legal disciplines of Faculty of training of law enforcement officers of the Southern Ural state university, Bld. 76, Lenin Ave.,Chelyabinsk, 454080, E-mail:


Criminal legal doctrine               





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343.346.1 + 343.9.018

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The criminal responsibility for misappropriation of a vehicle license plate, which occurred for the first time in the national legislation, determined the need for an analysis of the elements of the crime. The article deals with the features related to an object, objective element, subjective aspect and a subject of crime described in Article 325 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Such notions as “vehicle license plate”, “misappropriation” are defined. The examples of socially dangerous acts of the studied crime are given. The author makes a conclusion about coercive, reasonable and appropriate, but relatively untimely criminalization of the act. The terminological and factual shortcomings of fixing the purpose of committing a grave or especially grave crime as essential alternative conditions of criminal responsibility for misappropriation of vehicle license plates are specified.


vehicle license plate, criminalization, criminal responsibility, elements of crime, misappropriation, purpose of committing a crime.

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