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Problems of Ensuring the Rights of Victims of Crimes in the Rusian Criminal Proceedings


Darovskikh Svetlana Mikhailovna

PhD Law, Professor, Head of theDepartment of Criminal Proceedings and Forensic Science of Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of High er Professional Education South Ural State University (National Research University); Office 302, 149, Kommuny Str., Chelyabinsk, 454080, Russia.


Guskova Antonina Petrovna

PhD Law, Professor, Professor of the Department  of Criminal Law and Proceedings of Orenburg State Agriculture University. 18, Cheluskintsev Str., Orenburg, 460014, Russia.



Civil and Criminal Procedure





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The article dwells on certain problematic issues of ensuring the rights of victims of crimes. One of the conditions of adversarial proceedings is the equality of the parties which is not properly implemented in the criminal proceedings. The victim as a representative of the prosecution and an active participant of the trial is not entitled to the rights the accused (suspect) has. In recent times certain steps towards the expansion of the rights of the victim have been implemented. The article analyzes some of the problematic issues of determining the status of a victim of a crime, as well as problems associated with the resolution of claims of citizens affected by crime and other problems of implementation of the rights of victims in criminal proceedings.


victim, complainant, subjective right, Constitution of the Russian Federation, Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, criminal proceedings.

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